Customer Reviews

Have a Curb Alert on my C7 Stingray. Love it!
Installed my sensor under the bumper - no issues after 6000 miles.

Curb Alert is worth every penny.
Curb Alert works exactly as the video shows. I have installed on three cars. 2012 Porsche 911, 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550 and 2012 VW Eos. I have and will continue to recommend it to friends.

My Curb Alert just flat out works great!
By the time I hear the beeps and hit the brake I'm approx. “12 inches from the curb" so to speak. It looks like a perfect pull in job, not to close and not too far for sure. Then I tried a wall which I "thought" I was getting too close to so I was extra careful but that distance turned out to be approx. 16" from the wall when stopped. This Curb Alert is great and if someone were to ask me I would recommend it. I talked to the inventor on the phone and all I can say is he cares about the product, how people perceive the product and if you have any concerns with the product he will see they are taken care of.

I installed mine as recommended, have run it in the rain and through high pressure brush-less car washes with no ill effects. It is barely noticeable once installed. Curb Alert is a super device....

Just spent $1,400 repairing low hanging plastic fascia after curb damage. Curb Alert will save me $’s.

Prior to getting the Curb Alert installed on my M3, I would constantly hear a scraping noise when I parked too close to the curbs here in Dallas. My car is exactly the wrong height, the curbs scrape the underside of the bumper (or I hear the dreaded thump noise if it's a taller curb). But, since installing the Curb Alert, I haven't scraped the underside of the bumper nor driven into a sidewalk curb. It's been great! "

I installed my Curb Alert sensor just above the front center air dam and it works great there as I have a bra on the car so the grill area would not work. It does sense when I go over a low spot occasionally but that is not problem. A great invention. I plan to put one on my CTS also.

It’s rare to find a company that still provides great customer service! Your same day response to my questions had my Curb Alert working great. Thanks!